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ATV (A Shalimar Television Network Channel) International Relations
ATV (A Shalimar Television Network Channel) has always played a significant role in the projection of Pakistan amongst the international broadcasters, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.It is an active member of ABU and a four times elected member of its Board of Directors the Admistrative Council.

ABU ‘Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’ is a professional association of broadcasters. The region covers two-fifth of the world’s circumference. It stretches from the western end of Asia to the middle of the pacific. Currently the Union has 102 members in 50 countries.

Shalimar Television Network joined ABU as an additional full member in 1993. It was elected as a member of ABU Administrative Council for the first time in 1994, subsequently in 1998, again in 2000, and yet again in 2002.







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