Mr. Qamar Bashir

Managing Director

Phone: 051-9265612
Fax: 051-4434830

Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Company Limited

Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Company Limited (SRBC) was established as an unlisted public limited company in 1974.

Legal Status:

• Registered under Companies Act-2017.

Historical Development:

• Registered under Companies Act-2017.• Manufacturing and marketing of gramophone records and pre-recorded audio cassettes. (1976-1983)
• Granted second TV terrestrial broadcasting license under the call sign of “Shalimar Television Network”. (1990)
• Shalimar Television Network (STN), started round the clock TV transmission initially from three major cities of Pakistan namely Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.
• Established 12 Transmitting Stations from its own resources in the urban centers of Pakistan. (by 1997).
• Co-sited 8 Rebroadcast Stations in the rural areas reaching out to 53% of total population of Pakistan. (2004).
• Changed its call sign logo from STN to ATV (2005).

Purpose & Objective of the Organization:

• To provide affordable infotainment to the people of Pakistan.
• To project the policies of the State of Pakistan
• To promote national integration and religious harmony as national broadcaster of Pakistan in terms of aforementioned Sections of PEMRA Act, 2007.

Salient Features of Atv

• 20 terrestrial transmitters are interlinked via satellite
• Satellite footprint covers 58 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
• A 24/7 nonstop and free to air satellite and terrestrial TV channel.